Best Succulent Ground Covers for your Garden

If you are interested of using succulents as a water-saving, low-maintenance, easy-care ground cover, you’re in good direction.

These type of versatile plants are one of the best choice for many uses in your home, yard, or even in gardening too. Why not to try them as a water-saving lawn and landscaping in alternative?

There are many types of succulents that are easily available for the landscaping. However, some succulents are better to use as a ground cover than others type of succulents.

Stonecrop or Sedum

These are one of the evergreen perennial succulents that helps to make an excellent ground cover because they grow at slow speed and tend to spread enthusiastically.

There are many different types of Sedum plants, thus choose accordingly in a wide variety of light settings.

Generally , sedum succulents prefer full sun, but you may have some wiggle room with some types. There are some variation in their temperature of tolerance.

Some types of Stonecrop are very frost, hardy thus can live in the northernmost part of the world.

Sedum Spurium Or Red Carpet

Sedum spurium or Red Carpet has an alternate word i.e. Caucasian Stonecrop or Dragon’s Blood Stonecrop.

It’s leaves can turn into a beautiful shade of burgundy or reddish-purple with respect to changing of the seasons. It have capability to tolerate both extreme heat and extreme cold weather conditions.

Although, in the growing season, this ground cover is beautifully covered with pink and star-shaped flowers which are quite attractive to pollinators.

Sedum Reflexum Blue Stonecrop or Jenny Stonecrop

Sedum reflexum Blue Stonecrop is also known as called Jenny Stonecrop or Reflexum Blue Spruce.
This type of succulent have foliage of bluish-green coloured and transitions in the cold weather to attractive shades of yellow and pink. These low-growing succulents have ability to attain a height maximum 5” inches only.

Sedum Japonicum Or Tokyo Sun

Sedum Japonicum or Tokyo Sun is a lime green variety of sedum that grow only about 3” inches high.
This is very attractive and eye-catching sedum, best suited for more temperate climates only.


Hen & Chicks is a common name for Sempervivum succulents. These plants can easily propagate themselves by sending out miniatures of themselves all around, hence the common name are given to theme is Hen & Chicks.

These are hardy yet easy-care plants and very best in full sunlight but can tolerate some shade.
Sempervivum succulent have a wide variety of colors, sizes, and shapes.

All of Sempervivum are very good as ground covers.

Sempervivum Arachnoideum Cobweb Hen & Chicks

These type of succulent are very easy to recognize because it is covered by fine white hairs which look like cobweb is covering the entire plant.

This is very attractive plant that change its colors as winter approaches and become a very pretty shade of burgundy.

This sempervivum have ability to tolerate very high and very low temperatures and thrives even in full sunlight.

Sempervivum Moss Rose

Sempervivum Moss Rose has very pale green leaves matched with a little bit of magenta shade. These types of ground covers have very small and fine soft hairs along the leaf edges.
Moss Rose grows about 6” inches tall, and a hardy succulent which needs bright light or full sun.

Sempervivum Calcareum Or Fire Dragon Fire Dragon has a very good-looking bluish-green rosettes with deep burgundy tips and a little bit taller which typically grows upto 4” – 6” inches high.
Fire Dragon need to be planted in full sun and have frost tolerant capacity.

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Agave plants are typically a type of desert plants with in a wide variety of sizes and colors. These plants grows in a distinctive rosette shape with pointed leaves.

Some of desert species succulent can grow upti 10’ feet high.

Many of the dwarf species are small and can be managed easily managed thus, can make good ground covers.

The care of agaves succulents are depending upon the climate in which the plant is originated.

Agave Parryi Or Parry’s Agave

This Party’s Agave is an excellent choice as a groundcover in a desert yard as it is very well planted in full sun and have capability to tolerate of intense heat. Even it is also quite cold tolerant. Parry’s agave succulent grows widely upto 3’ feet.

Blue Glow Agave

Agave Blue Glow have bluish-green leaves which are quite wide and have attractive red margins at edges. This is an attractive garden plant which needs to be placed in full sunlight and have tolerant of frost.
These plants can grow upto 2’ feet high and may spread widely upto 3’ feet apart.

They can make aesthetically interesting ground covers, In a large area without any foot traffic or with paths cut.


These types of succulents are available in different sizes, shapes, and colors. They can grow well in extremely harsh growing environments. They can even thrive on their own as a groundcover.

Euphorbia Myrsinites Or Donkey Tail Spurge

These are succulents that perennial evergreen with a sprawling growth habit. The leaves of this succulent are attractive in bluish-green and grows in a spiral formation along the stems thoroughly.

This plant adds a lots of texture and interest to the garden and a best choice as groundcovers or as a container plant.

During the growing season, this succulent produces very pretty yellowish-green flowers transitioning to an attractive shade of red when maturity hits to them.

All of the succulents that are included in this guide helps you to make a good ground cover on their own or in combination. As they are all quite tough and available in a wide variety of growing conditions with shapes.

Choose accordingly to cover your entire yard or garden with one type or mix-and-match for an interesting ground cover pattern. Succulents also helps to make an excellent ground cover even in desert setting areas too!

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